David Fitzpatrick

NMLS: 259057

  • (951) 765-1718
  • 40810 County Center Drive #150
  • Temecula, CA 92591


“We’re there to help, we act more as counselors to our clients,” Dave Fitzpatrick explains, while discussing his career in the mortgage industry. With a truly caring nature, a drive to succeed and a people-oriented personality, Dave seems made for this business. He was in the food and beverage industry for most of his early life, managing several restaurants at the Disneyland Hotel. But Dave was looking for a change, and friends had been coaching him to join their mortgage company so, he hopped on board. “Everyone said I’d be good at it,” Dave explains. And they were right. He has seen his business grow year after year by continually going above and beyond his clients’ expectations.

While he serves all types of buyers, he is particularly skilled at First-Time home buyers and VA loans. He was also heavily involved in the STRS (State Teacher Retirement System) and PERS (Public Employee Retirement System) home loan programs, helping everyone from School District Employees to Fireman, Police and other State workers, get into the home they want. That was where a good amount of specific loan training, client retention and referral business came in.

What sets him apart from his peers is his availability and determination to get his clients what they need. “I’m available 24/7. I work when my agents and clients are available, whether it is late at night or on a weekend. I do whatever it takes to get the job done,” he explains. And he sticks to his word, doing what he says he will do and explaining to his clients as quickly as possible if something isn’t going as planned.

After working with Dave, his clients appreciate that he was always available and on top of everything throughout the transaction. They leave him countless glowing testimonials, raving about his service. One current client said, “WOW! I found Dave when working with another mortgage broker on pre-approval. Suffice it to say, I’ve been impressed with him since minute 1. We just spoke at 3pm and he had my pre-approval back before 6pm. But that’s only the start... he answers his phone on the weekends (Sunday afternoon!), delivers emails promptly, has a GREAT app for your smart phone with a built-in calculator to save you hours of wondering and guessing, and is happy to talk through various scenarios. Our work is far from over, but I’m very happy and very confident that this is his standard. Dave is an A player! You NEED him on your team.”

A recent client was blown away by Dave’s ability to get them towards their financial goals, saying, “Dave assured me from day one that we were good and a loan was not a problem for us to get. We told him what we wanted to pay monthly, and he pretty much told us what purchase price we needed to stay within. When all was said and done (we closed in about 24 days from start to finish) we were within dollars of the amount we wanted monthly.”

After years of working in the mortgage industry, Dave’s passion for it only continues to grow. He finds it rewarding in a multitude of ways, and can’t imagine himself anywhere else. What he loves most about it is getting to the end of the transaction and seeing his clients happy.

“The best part is getting my clients into the house they want. When I see them smile, it is such a great feeling.”

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