Sonia Krietz

Producing Regional Manager

NMLS: 918629

  • (714) 637-6200
  • (916) 385-9716
  • (714) 637-6262
  • 140 Oak Rock Circle
  • Folsom, CA 95630

With a degree in Veterinary Medicine as well as a certification in phlebotomy science, it is safe to say that Sonia’s skill set has always revolved around helping others through innovative processes. Even from an early age, Sonia quickly stole the spotlight with her brilliant and unique mind, while constantly striving to help others reach their full potential. Today Sonia etches in a new era of real estate, using an unparalleled charismatic approach to problem solving.

Having had over 34 years of experience in the industry, Sonia’s scope of expertise ranges from dismantling and rebuilding branches, to being a leader in sales team operations. Each endeavor she has endured throughout her professional career has played a quintessential role in her ability to persevere through virtually any situation.

With an uncanny ability to quickly identify an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, Sonia is able to provide assistance to all her clients in the most suitable manner; by introducing her clients to programs and benefits that she feels will give her clients the best possible outcome. Sonia specializes in educating her clients about credit repair, credit rebuilding, with the vast options available to assist them with their home purchase or refinance. 

Outside of work, Sonia prefers to live a much more adventurous lifestyle than many would come to expect upon first impressions. In reality, Sonia is actively involved in multitude of action sports such as dirt bike riding, tandem skydiving, zip lining, jet skiing, hiking,  etc. In her spare time, she also enjoys experimenting with new dishes  in kitchen.

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