Ron Cahalan

Business Development Manager

NMLS: 224041

  • (702) 852-6583
  • (480) 204-1812
  • (702) 921-7818
  • 200 E. Sandpointe Avenue, Suite 650
  • Santa Ana, CA 92707

First and foremost, it’s not about me. The story is about YOU! Think of a good movie or book. There is a main character (usually the hero). There is the adventure (the plot) that makes up the story with different characters and twists, turns, obstacles and triumphs. Then there is a (successful) ending to the story.

That Hero is the Borrower. YOU… YOUR FAMILY! The adventure or story itself is the loan process. There may be other characters in the story such as other family members, Real Estate agents, sellers that play certain roles in the adventure. My role or responsibility is to be your guide (your “Yoda”) through the story. My job is to determine your needs, lay out the best plan and help you, the hero to execute that plan, help overcome any obstacles and to “have your back” all the way through the adventure. My job is to ensure the hero (YOU) win in the end. A successful ending to your adventure is of course a happy family and a closed transaction.

Who is Ron?

Experience matters! Insightful thirty-five + year Senior Mortgage Banking Professional with over $1 B in personal origination production. Ron has also earned the industry’s Professional CMPS (Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist) designation held by less than 1% of Mortgage Loan Officers in the country.

He and his team help you architect the ideal mortgage and debt-management plan and how that plan affects an overall long-term wealth strategy. Our joy is in helping families with achieving the American Dream of home ownership and real estate investment. Long term, we advise you in building wealth through responsible lending, debt management and real estate. His team helps you navigate through and make simple the otherwise confusing, often-times frightening and frustrating real estate and mortgage process with honest communication and clarity. Unlike the cold-impersonal online lender, we make each opportunity to serve very personal and unique to YOU! You are not just a bunch of numbers and scores! The process is then enhanced and made simple and convenient by utilizing the very latest in secure digital technology and tools available today.

He and his team offer a full menu of mortgage programs including Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, reverse-mortgages, rehab-remodel loans and Jumbo loans along with the non-traditional (non-QM) programs needed for unique circumstances. We offer literally hundreds or programs from a wide number of investors and banks across the country. You get the best of both worlds – the stability of a national mortgage bank with the local broker menu of sources from which to choose.

Ron is best known for his specialty in serving a very unique niche – Borrowers with varying, unique or non-traditional income. These most-often include the self-employed borrower, the sales executive with varying commission or bonus income, borrowers needing lower-down Jumbo and Super-Jumbo loan options and any borrower with other non-traditional difficult-to-document income or credit challenges and even the foreign-national borrower wanting to invest in US real estate.

We look forward to an opportunity to serve you soon!

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